KurKure Packing Machine

Our Kurkure Packing Machine is made from high-quality materials, in every part of our machines, we use the best. These items are well-known for their low-maintenance nature. As a result, our customers can get these products at a reasonable price.

Kurkure Packing Machine Automatic

For fast kurkure production, you need a fast or high quality Kurkure Packing Machine that saves you time or money. It’s a cost efficient machine that consumes only 1-2 KW electricity, and the Kurkure Packing Machine comes with a 1 HP motor, so you don’t need much power to run it.

KurKure Packing Machine Specification

  • Capacity:  100-200 pouches per hour
  • Pouch Capacity: 50-100 Gram
  • Machine Power: 0-1 HP
  • Compressed Air Required: 6 KG
  • Driven Type: Automatic
  • Power: 1-2 KW
  • Main Motor: 1 HP
  • Speed: 30 Pouch Per Minute
  • Phase: Single Phase
  • Brand: Dubey Packaging Machine
  • Country Of Origin: India


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