Band Sealing Machine

High-Quality Band Sealing Machine Buy Direct via Manufacturer. As a leading organization, we provide an exclusive range of Band Sealing machines. Our array is well-known for its appealing features. It features an electrical continuous temperature control system as well as a step-less speed adjustment transmission mechanism. The included Solid ink wheel, as an optional attachment, can print the manufacture date as well as seal the package. The printed letters are clear, come in a variety of colors, dry quickly, and are simple to adjust. product in a standing position.

Band Sealing Machine. This model is only available in Vertical Configuration. It is commonly favored because of its effective packing of both perishable and non-perishable products in terms of protecting them from any damage and contamination before reaching end customers. Because of its stainless steel body, it is the optimum model for pharmaceutical and food sectors, as well as businesses where pouched or bagged products must be sealed standing up.


Voltage: 220V

Weight: 40Kg

Film Thickness (MM): 4″ – 25″

Frequency: 50Hz

Production Capacity: 500gm – 5Kg

Machine Warranty: 1 Year

Motor Power: 150W

Size: 1040x590x780MM

Pouch Capacity: 500gm – 5Kg

Packing Type: Laminate

Sealing Width MM: 6-15 MM

Order Minimum Quantity: 1 Unit


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