Heavy Duty Band Sealing Machine

Heavy Duty Band Sealing Machine at Great Price in India. We are a well-known name among the industry’s leading firms, providing a high-quality range of Heavy Duty Continuous Band Sealers. The machine is widely used for blister packaging of hardware, tiny everyday items, electrical components, and other items. Visible, damp-proof, and dust-proof products are packed. This sealer can be set up in almost any place, and storage is never an issue, even in tight spaces.

Heavy Duty Band Sealing Machine. This machine is used to seal bags up to 10 kg. Used in Rice, Atta, Pulses, Powder, Chemical industry

The vertical design of the continuous band sealer is ideal for big pre-made bags that need to be sealed while standing up, such as powder packs, liquids, and even solid objects that would spill if resting flat.

This machine can seal up to 15 kg of material and is used to package agricultural products, cheeps, tea, and confectionary items using BOPP and laminated pouches. This is useful for laminated BOPP, LED Aluminum, P.P.HM, and other similar materials.
Vertical band sealer that stands alone
Larger bags will benefit from this.
Conveyor and sealing head that can be adjusted


Voltage: 110V-220V

Conveyor: 5Kg

Weight: 19Kg

Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz

Film Thickness: 0.08MM

Dimensions: 840x380x320MM

Temperature: 0-300 Degree C

Motor Power: 50W

Power: 850W

Sealing Width: 6-15MM



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